Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Constitution and our Freedom

In order to sometimes better understand our Constitution, some may just need that visual or Video to help explain it all. For so long people and big Government tend to try to manipulate what it actually says. In another word say that is your interpretation.

Sorry to burst some bubbles here, but the Constitution is NOT left up to interpretations. It was written plainly for all to understand. With Big Governments taking away our rights and our freedoms. I seriously feel that more people need to learn this stuff. The reason for this blog is to help and try to reach some many that really have no clue about what our Constitution is about.
Here are some Video I had cliipped for a better understand about where our Government actually stands with WE THE PEOPLE.

I have found also that many people set up their own views and religious beliefs towards the Constitution of the United States, that most wind up making it yet even hard to understand. We all need to understand here in America, we would not have freedom of Religion here. Meaning that we would not be able to go to a church worship Jesus Christ in a park or our homes. Let alone have the freedom to share the gospel on Radio, TV, Concerts among so many others. The Gospel, meaning the Good News. is important to through our freedom of Speech. Our Constitution. With Hate Crime laws and Privacy acts being violated. I feel that our foundation that keeps America such a great Nation, may wind up falling to the very same High powered and controlling Governments that caused ALL major empires fall throughout history.

I love my God and I love my country. If you feel the same, or just love your country, please help educate those who know nothing about the Constitution of the United States.

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Judge Andrew Napolitano on why the Constitution is the greatest political document ever written
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